I am in the process of building up a Kill Team for the Heralds of Ruin game representing the Red Corsairs Renegade Astartes force based in the Maelstrom.

My original intention was to create a lead character who was a sorcerer who had a crow as a familiar and a pet attack wolf. After some thought I opted to create two characters and split the animals up. One of the characters will be an Aspiring Champion who has the attack wolf. The other will be a sorcerer with the familiar. I see these two characters being rivals who fight for the same cause, which is to do the bidding of their master, Huron Blackheart, Chapter Master of the Red Corsairs. Even though they both seek similar results, each has his own agenda for doing so. I still don’t even have names for these two individuals, but hopefully that’ll be addressed soon.


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