Just Walk Away


“Just walk away.” Yep, that’s what Humongous said to Mad Max and the rest of the good guys in The Road Warrior regarding the gasoline in the refinery.

For those who don’t remember or may not have seen the movie, there was a gas shortage that made the fuel one of the most precious commodities on the planet. Well, folks, according to FEMA, thanks to Hurry Harvey, Texas gas stations may experience fuel shortages this upcoming Labor Day weekend.

Now, I’m not saying to grab your shotgun, strap on a set of football shoulder pads and you and your dog jump into the last of the V8 interceptors to live out next weekend as a post-apocalyptic survivor. What I am going to say is you might want to buy yourself a large fuel container and stock up on a few extra gallons of gas to get yourself and your loved ones through the potential rough patch.

Oh, and get yourself a box or two of shotgun shells while you’re at it if so behooves you.

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