Early Winter?


Well, according the Farmer’s Almanac and some of the old timers I know, we just may experience a early, colder-than-normal winter.  I’m wondering if any of this will be brought on by the hurricane season?

Recently I posted on Facebook about the fact I’m ready for college football and the weather to go along with it.  A good friend and retired coworker told me I could stick that cold weather up my butt.  I had to explain I was ready for late-October temperatures, NOT winter weather.  She understood my sentiment after that.  Unfortunately, we may not have much of a Fall season this year.  Fall is my favorite time of the year, mainly because here in Texas we get to enjoy cooler temperatures after a usually hot summer, (American) football, Halloween, Thanksgiving and leaves turning colors.  I’m not a polar bear.  I’m not a fan of winter.  Old football and wrestling injuries come back to haunt me and I just generally don’t like being out-and-out cold.

I guess Ned Stark was right.  Winter IS coming.

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