Back on Target


I’ve kind of lost focus lately of what this blog was supposed to be about, which is my writing.  I guess everyone is allowed to stray off topic every now and again.  Now that I own my own domain name, I can start posting some stories.

I have two weeks of Annual Leave that began yesterday afternoon and I’ll be on vacation for 17 days.  We were originally going to go to Disney or take a family cruise, but the hurricanes killed both of those ideas.  I think instead we may go visit some museums and whatnot locally.  As well as taking time to do family fun things, I’m going to take time to break in a couple of new notebooks I was recently given.  I bought a copy of Harry Turtledove’s “Guns of the South” at Half Price Books and gave it to a family friend who is all about time travel sci-fi stories.  The premise of the story is a man uses a time machine to travel back to the American Civil War and supplies the Confederate army with the plans for building the AK-47 rifle and 7.62×39 mm ammunition.  She loved the book so much that she gave me two handmade leather-bound notebooks with thick parchment-style paper stitched into them.  I’m thinking a gel pen will work really well with them.  For those who do not know, I often prefer to gather my thoughts about the stories I’m working on by writing them down with paper and pen old school style.  I seem to have a higher quality of creativity that way.  Anyway, during my vacation I’m planning on taking some time to write as well as read a couple of books my sister recently bought me.

I’m really looking forward to exploring some of the ideas bouncing around in my head.

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