November 1st


Now that Halloween is over and the masks are off, I can get back to enjoying what’s left of the Fall season.

Last night I locked myself up inside my home and watched the first two The Purge movies and worked on my story.

Being undisturbed, I actually got some quality content created.  I had been struggling with how I wanted the prologue to read.  The first version I wrote a couple of weeks ago was good, but I didn’t feel it was right for the story.  The one I created yesterday evening fit a little better, but as with everything else I write, I think it could be better.  I won’t be surprised if I churn out a third alternative today.

By the way, while the series title retains the original title, the first book in that series has a new working title.  Sorry, not ready to divulge either one here as of yet.  You will just have to wait a little while longer (insert sinister laughter here).

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