The Struggle


This new version of my story is certainly the general direction I want my story to go, but it’s proving to be a difficult journey in these initial stages.

I know who my characters are and what I want them to do, but I’m having to put in a lot of work figuring out other aspects of the story.  Astu de Latro is the name of the planet that will be the focal point of the story.  It’s Latin for World of Brigands.  It truly is that.  The title of the series, by the way, is going to be “Hell’s Half-Dozen” and the working title of the first book is “A Lawless World”.

Astu de Latro, which is commonly referred to by the locals as simply “Latro”, is a jacked up place.  In fact, the opening statement by the instructors at the law enforcement academies is, “Are there any badasses in here?  I ask again, are there any badasses in here?  If there are, Astu de Latro needs you!”

I’m having to figure out why a place as dangerous and violent as Astu de Latro would be important enough for the Sapient Commonwealth to retain as a territory and protectorate.  The folks there are fiercely independent and everyone is armed to the teeth.  Astu de Latro is on the fringes of the Sapient Commonwealth’s border.  I’m thinking that border may be near a potentially aggressive and violent alien species.  What if said aliens would have to, for some weird reason, go through Astu de Latro to gain access to the rest of the Commonwealth’s holdings?  That would be like an enemy of the United States having to attempt an armed invasion of Texas in order to continue the campaign against the rest of the nation.  Who would actually attempt that?

I’m sure there are other reasons for keeping the World of Brigands in the fold.  Resources would likely be near the top of the list.  Perhaps individuals with unhinged minds go there on thrillseeking vacations?

I guess I just needed to have a soundboard for my thoughts.

As the WWE’s Godfather used to say, “Pimpin’ ain’t easy.”


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