Hey, What Sport do you Play?


Been tinkering around with ideas on what sports folks prefer to play on Astu de Latro.  My older son thinks they should play cricket because that’s one of the games they play in Australia that he learned to like while he was there.  I was leaning toward American football because that’s what I played in back in the day.  When I got down to brainstorming about it, I decided something ultra-violent would probably be the logical choice.  At the very least, mixed martial arts should be considered.  Full on gladiator matches would likely be closer to the answer though.

While gladiator matches are likely not going to make the final list, mainly due to civilized law and order being the theme of the storyline, there may be outlaw organizations that still run those types of events in hidden away venues.  I would really like to write a scene similar to the one depicted in the movie, “Gladiator”, where Maximus fights Tigris of Gaul.  That’s my favorite part of the movie.

I thought about creating an original sport unique to my fictional universe, but I don’t have the time or inclination to do that.  I suppose MMA may have to do unless I can figure out how gladiator matches wouldn’t be illegal.

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