Worldbuilding Can be a Whipping


I’ve been having to do some worldbuilding the past couple of day.  It was a task I had not counted on having to accomplish.

Everything regarding Astu de Latro needed to be decided upon and created.  Namely exports and industry.  No fewer than two law enforcement agencies had to be created from the ground up.  Local culture was a big factor that needed to be considered.  Various things had to be dreamed up.

A good friend of mine has been doing something similar.  The major difference is Astu de Latro will likely have less than a two-hundred-year-old history in regards to human habitation.  The fictional world my friend is working on is set in a High Fantasy-type universe and has a history that goes back thousands of years.  Yes, thousands.  That’s a lot of information to create.  A LOT.  That kind of worldbuilding can cause your brain to smoke and catch on fire (figuratively speaking of course) if you’re not careful.

It’s been fun creating all this stuff, but I’m ready to get down to the business of writing the actual story.

Yeah, worldbuilding is like a spanking.  You have a choice.  You can either make it difficult and painful, or you can embrace it and have fun.

To quote KISS’ Gene Simmons from the song “Sweet Pain”:

Pain has got it’s reason
You find it pleasin’, yes you do, yes you do
And I’m gonna show you now
You’ll get to love it anyhow, anyhow and
You’ll get to love me and my sweet pain”

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