The Pinkertons


I don’t watch too many television programs.  In fact, I can count the ones I do watch on one hand, but I may have found a new one to add that will force me to use both hands to count them.

There is a new show on Netflix called “The Pinkertons”.  It’s about the Pinkerton Detective Agency.  It stars Angus Macfadyen who played mercenary Robert Rogers on “Turn:  Washington’s Spies” and Scottish noble Robert the Bruce in “Braveheart”.

The show is set in the late-1800’s when the Pinkerton Detective Agency was still a young organization.  They were the first private investigator/private security officer company in the United States.  They were also the first to hire a female private investigator.  Back then they were essentially mercenary police.  They were allowed to enforce local, state and federal law and make arrests on property owned by whoever was employing them at the time.  Because of eventual abuses of this authority and power, the federal government and every state in the Union changed their laws and regulations that affect private investigators and private security officers to this day.  The Pinkerton Detective Agency is still around, by the way.

I haven’t watched a single episode yet, but I hope to change that fact sometime soon.  A law enforcement show set in the Old West?  Yeah, I’m in.

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