Possible Changes Ahead


Well, folks, there may very well be some changes ahead for me in the not-so-distant future.  Depending on what I decide, I might retire from the prison during the Spring of next year.  It depends greatly on what I decide to do as a post-BOP career.  I’m looking into various options that would allow me to remain in law enforcement, but back at the local level.  I’m currently working on that avenue as of right now.

I also could end up working for a friend from the church as a manual laborer, depending on what happens.  I would love to work in a bookstore, but that type of job doesn’t pay well and you have to start out as a seasonal employee and hope to be kept on as a regular worker when the Holiday season is over.  Besides, I want to have a second career, not just another job.  I want to find something that, when combined with my BOP retirement check, would help me bring home more than I’m making right now.

Whatever I decide, I will continue to write and be creative.

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