One Day


I just felt like writing a Warhammer 40,000 story this morning.  Actually, it’s a Warhammer 30,000 story since it takes place when the Emperor walked alongside mortals.  I was inspired to write this tale yesterday evening while working overtime at the hospital.

Trumpets blared and mortal alongside the path knelt and made the sign of the Aquilla.  Golden light reflected from golden war plate with each footstep taken.  It was the Emperor of Mankind.

The little boy watching was just as taken as everyone else who watched Emperor pass by; but this young man, not quite nine years old yet, wasn’t as taken with the Lord of Men as he was the individuals on either side of Him.

Several enormous warriors walked alongside the Emperor.  Each resplendent in their gold war plate.  All carried with them a long polearm equipped with a bolter and blade on the end.  The Custodes.  The Emperor’s personal bodyguards.  The boy’s smile grew larger with each step the Custodians took that brought them ever closer to where he was.  The boy watched them until they turned the corner in the path.

The boy ran home as fast and as hard as he could.  Once inside his home, he found a discarded broom in the storage closet and quickly unscrewed the broom head and ran to his bedroom to retrieve his toy bolter.  A mere pop-gun compared to the real ones used by the warriors of the Imperium, but it would serve its purpose.  He grabbed a toy knife from under his bed and taped it to the toy bolter, and in turn taped the bolter to the broom handle.  He stripped off his clothes down to his undergarments and quickly put on a pair of khaki pants and a yellow shirt.  He went to his parents’ room and snatched up his father’s yellow hat.  Once everything was exactly the way he wanted it, he looked upon himself in the mirror and whispered, “One day, I will be a Custodes.”

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