Of Astartes and a Bad Case of I Don’t Want to’s!


I’ve always liked the Astartes of the Warhammer 40,000 universe.  There are a few Loyalist Chapters I’m especially fond of, including the Space Wolves, White Scars and Imperial Fists, to count a few.  I’m also nuts over some of the Traitor Legions and Renegade Chapters, with the Red Corsairs, Night Lords and the World Eaters among them.  Well, I recently went through a brief phase where I became a little indifferent towards them, but since beginning my submission effort for the Black Library, I decided to delve back into them, especially the Traitors and Renegades.

Things were going well until yesterday evening.  I sat down after an especially busy work week and tried to write.  The only setback was that I had a bad case of the I don’t want to’s.  It wasn’t that I couldn’t come up with anything to add to the story; it was that I felt like I really didn’t even want to.  I almost deleted what I have already written.  I thought about it long and hard but decided to cancel that thought process and see what tomorrow brings.  Tomorrow is here and I think I’m going to go give service to someone I don’t even know this morning (help a family I’m aware of move into a house), put away my clean clothes and iron a white shirt for tomorrow morning and then we’ll see what the old brain has in mind to do this evening.  I’m hoping that after a few hours sleep and the things I have planned for today, that’ll be the recharge I need.  Then I’m hoping it’ll be all blood, skulls and mayhem.  (Insert sinister laughter here.)

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