Necromunda on a Smaller Scale


Some of my work buddies and I have been tinkering around with the idea of starting an ongoing Necromunda game night a couple of nights a month in the near future.

While Necromunda (the game) takes place in the Underhive of the Hive City Necromunda Prime, I’m thinking of having the game take place in one of the smaller hives on the planet.  Instead of the billions of folks in the Prime city, it would be populated by a mere 7.5 million souls.

I’ve never been totally on board with going with the crowd anyway, so this decision should come as no big surprise to those who know me well.  I would want to create an original gang instead of having a cookie-cutter version of the same old same old.  I’m thinking of going with a bounty hunter gang comprised of some of the misfits and rebels who either could not or would not conform to the status quo in regards to Underhive gang life.  This would also allow the hive city where our games take place have its own unique identity with its own lovable quirks and such.

I really like the idea of my gang being a rag-tag bunch of mercenary types who would be willing to do whatever it takes to earn a credit or two.  (Credits are the type of money on Necromunda.)  I’m wanting my gang leader to have a mutant two-headed dog named “Deuce”.  Yeah, I know, not very original, but it seems to fit.

Now I just need to come up with a name for our hive city.  I’m sure I’ll come up with something given enough time.

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