What I Already Have


I’m trying to prove to myself, as much as to anyone else, that I can create a decent Necromunda gang out of miniatures and model bits that I already have without having to buy anything else with the exception of maybe more glue and whatnot.

I like to scope out eBay and various other online stores for what they have for sale, but ultimately, I remind myself to use what I already own.  What I don’t have, I can most likely make.  For instance:  I would like for one of one of my Heavies (heavy/special weapon guys) to be equipped with a hot-shot lasgun as a backup weapon.  Well, I don’t have any hot-shot lasguns in my bits box, but I do have regular lasguns that I could augment with hot-shot power packs using assorted bits, glue and a small amount of craft wire.  Presto!  A hot-shot lasgun in exchange for some elbow grease.

It’s nice to have already available resources and to be resourceful at the same time.

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