I was planning on working on some of my model projects over my days off this week.  I have a couple of German World War Two-era half-tracks I purchased years ago at a discount that I was going to slightly modify and use as transports for my Necromunda/Ash Wastes gang.  Part of my plan for modifications was going to include adding “stowage” to the vehicles similar to the model pictured above.  “Stowage” includes back-packs, nap sacks, boxes and all manner of other types of storage devices strapped and tied down to the vehicle in question.  I wandered on over to eBay yesterday evening to check prices on 1/35 and 1/48 scale stowage and I was surprised, to say the least, at how much a box or package of said items cost.  Stowage costs almost as much or sometimes equal to the cost of the model vehicle itself.  Some of those stowage items cost as much as $45 per box!  It’s a good thing I already have some kicking around the house.  What I don’t already have, I think I can make from various odds and ends.

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