Busy, Busy, Busy

burning the candle at both ends

Yeah, I’ve been a tad busy lately.  Worked a double shift Saturday and another one yesterday (Monday).  Figured I’d collect some of the free money being handed out lately.

I’ve been working on Hell’s Half-Dozen.  I jotted down a brief synopsis for six or seven (don’t remember the exact count at the moment) storylines to make the story into a series.  Haven’t decided if all of them will be novels, or if some will be, whereas others will short stories.  I’ll sort out the details later.

On another note, I had a health screening done this morning.  My blood sugar level was a bit higher than normal.  I’ll blame it on the fact I had more than my usual intake of carbs yesterday while working overtime and not enough exercise over the past four days.  Just to be safe, I’ll do my best to eat better.  I had tuna and water for breakfast after the screening was complete.

Going to rest up today so I’ll be ready for my regularly scheduled work week.

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