For those of you who do not know, I’m Mormon; just putting that out there.  Now on with the story:

Yesterday evening my family and I went up to the Burleson Ward Building for Stake Choir practice because my wife and our two sons are in the Stake Choir (duh).  I can’t sing, so I’m NOT in the choir.  I tagged along though because we were going to visit some family friends afterward.  While they were all practicing, I sat out in the foyer to work on my story and play on my phone.  While I was otherwise occupied, three teenage girls walked in and stood about 15 yards away from me talking.  I wasn’t trying to eavesdrop, but they certainly had no plans on keeping their conversation private judging by how loud they were talking.  They were from the Centennial Ward and were there to make plans for Girls Camp.  At some point during the conversation two of the girls, who were in dresses, asked the third one why she was wearing jeans.  The young woman in question answered by saying, “These are my cow clothes.  I had to feed my cows before I could come to this meeting and I didn’t have time to change.”  I thought to myself, Thank goodness for the sake of young men her age that there are still young women around in this day and age who are not afraid of hard work and getting dirty.  My hat is off to that young woman.  Much respect goes out to her!

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