Decisions, Decisions


I didn’t have overtime today, so I’ve been tinkering with my Gutter Crows Chaos Cultist Necromunda gang list this afternoon/evening.

My Gutter Crows are not going to be your run-of-the-mill Chaos Cultist gang.  Just about everyone else’s Chaos gang utilize the Cultists from Warhammer 40,000’s Dark Vengeance boxed set or something visually similar.  The Gutter Crows will be inspired by the Chaos Marauders from Warhammer Fantasy Battles.  They’re basically a motley bunch of brigands, highwaymen, and various neer-do-wells.  Unlike your average Cultists who allow Chaos to use them, the Gutter Crows use Chaos to achieve their agenda.

According to the Chaos Cultists rules, I will not be allowed to use any Hired Guns (mercenaries) in my gang, but the rules for the Preacher offer a loophole.  I will be allowed to use a Chaos Preacher to assist my Cultist Priest in leading the gang.

Speaking of Preachers and Priests, I’ve been contemplating which miniatures I want to use to represent each.  I have two miniatures to choose from for each character; two for the Preacher, two for the Priest.  Now, I have to decide which ones I want to use.

Most Necromunda gangs’ miniatures each share a similar look to tie them together.  Well, my gang’s characters will each have a unique look, but the paint color will unify them.  I’m thinking of using blues and golds since those are the colors of Tzeentch.

I’m hoping I can get this idea off the ground sooner rather than later.

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