Almost Jumped the Gun


I went to HEB grocery store late this afternoon after working some overtime.  While shopping for something to eat this evening I turned my shopping cart down the toy aisle.  I stopped at the Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars section.  I almost started to sift through their selection of toy cars, but then I remembered, I don’t even have a copy of the Gaslands rulebook; why am I doing this?

I decided to wait until I at least have the rulebook before I purchase any vehicles.  When I do decide to shop for Gaslands cars, I’ll have to really be open-minded about what I buy.  I think you’re able to field five or six vehicles, and right now I want a Chevelle, a Gran Torino, a Trans Am, a Silverado, a Duster, a Charger and a Mustang.  I don’t think I would be able to find all of those at $1 each, so I’ll have to choose from HEB’s store inventory.

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