Villains Revisited


Yes, I’ve been writing . . . and I’ve been doing some worldbuilding as needed.  I was struggling with the villains or antagonists if you will.  I was really having a difficult time wrapping my mind around writing about them because of the fact that I couldn’t visualize what they looked like.  Being a guy, I am a visual creature.  I have to see the character, either on paper, on a computer screen or in my mind’s eye.  I wasn’t able to do that.  So, what did I do?  I contacted my nephew who happens to be a really great artist and asked him to sketch out some villainous archetypes who might fit the bill.  I told him my heroes are somewhat larger-than-life so their nemeses would need to be over-the-top so he could feel free to go crazy with his creative process.

I look forward to seeing what my nephew comes up with.  Someone like the character featured above would suffice.

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