The Cornfield


I’m no stranger to cornfields.  When I lived in the country when I was in my early 20’s we had a comparatively small one.  I won’t deny it was a bit creepy at times, especially at night.

I’ve read that during the American Civil War Union and Confederate troops fought some of their battles in cornfields.  It had to have been disconcerting to not know exactly where your enemy was.  Creepy to say the least.

Last Fall I bought some items at the local Dollar Tree store to create my own Sci-Fi cornfield, for lack of a better description, for my wargames.  I put them aside and never got back to them until now.  I want to create it, but I do not quite know how to utilize it in a game and employ a proper creepiness factor.  Maybe I’ll come up with something in a few days or weeks.

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