The Side Project


I’ve decided to work on a side project of dark gothic science fiction.  It will be called “Silva Malorum”, which is Latin for Bad Forest.  That is the name of the planet the story takes place on.  I was inspired to write this by something some friends from Facebook were working on.  They recently had an ongoing Warhammer 40,000 game and storyline called “Tor Megiddo”, which, as I understand it, was set on the desert world of the same name.  While I was born in West Texas, I really haven’t spent enough time in desert areas to feel comfortable enough to write about life on a desert world.  Although, I have spent a lot of time in forested and semi-forested parts of the state, so I decided to write about a sub-tropical Death World filled with dangerous creatures and those individuals who are forced to survive there.  It will be an ongoing series.

I still plan on working on my own original story, but I feel I have to get this particular storyline on paper, so to speak.  So, please bear with me.

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