Get in Formation (Silva Malorum Part 2)


The Silver Leopard approached the waiting Rogue Trader fleet out beyond the world’s orbit.  One of the bridge crew turned to Captain Baltimore seated upon his command throne, ‘Sir, we’re receiving a message from Iron Dutchess actual.’

Markus Baltimore pointed to the main bridge vox caster and nodded.  A harsh male voice erupted from it like a klaxon, ‘This is Lord Everbound.  Glad you were able to join us, Baltimore.  We have a schedule to keep, so take up your position in the escort squadron.’  It raked the Silver Leopard’s captain a bit that the Rogue Trader did not use his title when addressing him and it irritated him further that he was being treated as if his ship’s arrival was tardy, when in fact they were right on time, but he was not surprised knowing his employer’s salty reputation.

The Silver Leopard took up the last position on the Iron Dutchess’ port side.  The fleet was comprised of the flagship and her escort of assorted destroyers and frigates as well as a collection of various freighters and transports.  The ships made their way further out into the void and entered Warp Space.

To be continued . . .


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