Blades & Bullets (Silva Malorum Part 5)


A full squad of heavily armed and armored warriors stepped into the area near Baltimore’s table.  Each warrior wore his or her own unique version of carapace armor. The one speaking, whom Baltimore assumed was the leader, wore an ornate horned helmet.  He was as large as one of the legendary Astartes warriors. Brilita Sparks and Guzz Klobber shared an uneasy glance and Klobber looked at Baltimore. The Privateer Captain put his hand up to signal to his security detail that they should hold their ground, but not yet act.  

Captain Baltimore looked at the hulking warrior with the horned helmet, ‘What are your intentions, sir?’

The leader of the warriors nodded in Klobber’s direction and said, ‘Word around the station is you’re going into the Expanse; Silva Malorum to be specific.  If you’re going out there, you’re going to need better protection than a few rejects from the penal legion. A sour expression appeared on Brilita Sparks’ face.

‘That’s right, sister.  You and your companions are base amateurs compared to us.  It’s best you embrace that fact and move along before my people have to prove that to you.’

The warrior in charge took is attention away from Brilita Sparks and looked over at Captain Baltimore again, ‘We know the Expanse the horrors that live out there.  But, it’s up to you if you want to trust your life with a bunch of inmates, then be my guest.’

‘That’s it, I’ve had about enough of this tripe,’ Guzz Klobber quickly unholstered his weapons and Brilita Sparks quickly followed suit and the duo made to advance upon their detractors.

Blades flashed through the air and a quick succession of muzzle flashes illuminated the scene.  Before Baltimore could comprehend what had happened, his entire security detail was on the floor swathed in their own blood.

The lead warrior gestured to himself and slightly bowed his head in Baltimore’s direction and then gestured to his squad, ‘I am Kazon and we are the Sand Tigers.  I think we need to negotiate a price for our services.’

To be continued . . .

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