Channeling My Focus


I’m sitting in the rocking chair on this Sunday evening watching football, listening to Mongolian folk metal on Youtube while trying to work on my story.  I have a thousand, thousand ideas running through my head right now.  It’s so hard to focus my creativity at times like this.  I feel that if I could take a ride on the back of a charging destrier and split some simulated skulls (melons and pumpkins) with a sword with the cold wind in my hair it might help me reign in my thoughts.  Focus, focus, focus.

I still want my story to be a sci-fi crime drama infused with plenty of action adventure told from the peace officers’ points of view, but right now this very minute I really want to write from the outlaws’ viewpoints.  I think I need to work on their scenes right now while I’m feeling that way.  I’ve always enjoyed writing from a villain’s perspective.  Now I think I’ll do just that.

Speaking of the cold wind, I think tonight is going to be a soup and crackers kind of evening.

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