The Raging Bull (The Doombull Saga Part 1)


Sergeant Andraemon Dolon walked across the flight deck of the Daedelos Krata.  The vessel served as the flagship of the Minotaurs Astartes large and powerful fleet.  Dolon tried his best to not let the disappointment show.  He kept his focus straight ahead as he made his way back to his Thunderhawk.

‘Next time will be your opportunity’, were the words spoken to him by the Space Marines under his command after another Astartes’ name was called out for promotion to Captain.  Five times he had been passed over.  Five times in twenty-three years.  He would not wait for the sixth time.  Enough was enough.

As the gunship made its way through the void back to Dolon’s assigned warship, he mulled over his previous accomplishments during his tenure as Sergeant.  He recalled his stand against a Drukhari Drachon after thwarting a Xenos pirate raid on an Imperial supply convoy.  He thought about the events of when he and his squad were surrounded and almost overran by an extraordinarily large horde of Termagants.  He remembered his fight to the death versus an Astral Claw Captain during the Badab War.

The last memory played over in his head like a recording on an eternal loop.  Lufgt Huron, the Tyrant of Badab, had rebelled against the Imperium and had been punished for his actions.  The Blood Reaver, despite his flaws, seemed to respect courage and loyalty.

That evening in his personal cell, alone with his thoughts, he dwelled on the Astral Claws Captain he had slain during the war against the traitors.  Perhaps the Astral Claws and their allies had been justified?  The longer his mind lingered on his perceived slight, the more tainted his thoughts became.  In the morning he would take action.


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