The Oxide Serpents


I’ve been tinkering with the idea of creating a Necromunda gang, with the hope of finding a gaming group nearby who are willing to start up a campaign.

I actually thought about building an Orlock gang, but didn’t want to shell out the $35-$45 for a box of miniatures needed to do so. I wanted my gang to be comprised of miniatures I already have. After some recent inspection of my collection, I decided that since I have almost a dozen or so of them clad in long coats, or dusters as we call them here in Texas, I should ride with House Delaque. You see, the Delaque gangs wear dusters and employ sneak attacks via  ambush tactics.

Since the accepted symbol of that House is the snake, I opted to have mine be represented by the Copperhead snake. Copperheads are the most prevalent venomous snake species in my area. There are lots of them in my neighborhood. I also like their markings. Besides, unlike  Rattlesnakes and Water Moccasins, Copperheads don’t typically warn you before they bite; they just strike. I decided this would be the perfect inspiration for my Delaque gang, known as the Oxide Serpents.

Now I just need to do some painting.

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