Into the Snake Pit (The Oxide Serpents Part 1)


A lone figure walked down the dimly lit tunnel deep in the bowels of Hive Calefall.  Although he was not as massive as a Goliath, he was nonetheless a hulking figure of a man.  He wore a hooded brown leather duster over his heavy carapace armor.

He stopped at the end of the tunnel and rapped the armored knuckles of his right fist on the heavy tungsten steel door.  From the other side of the door he heard a lock disengage and the door opened a few centimeters.  A bald man dressed in a duster asked, ‘What should the Viper do?’

The larger man pushed the door the rest of the way open and without hesitating said, ‘Long live the Viper.’

The big man walked into a dark room.  Standing near the corner facing the wall was a tall woman wearing a duster of her own.  Her head was shaved bald save a long black ponytail, ‘Greetings, Albus.’

Albus Gaboon stepped a little closer to the woman, ‘Greetings, Mistress Oksana.’

The woman turned around to face Gaboon, ‘I will cut to the chase with this.  You are tasked with traveling to Hive Rohruin.  There you will find the Oxide Serpents.  Their current leader, a woman named Jypsi Scarr, will be dealt with.  She has placed her own personal agenda before that of Clan Briganda.  She will be brought to heel.’

‘What if she refuses to correct her ways?’

‘I trust you to correct her wayward direction in a more permanent fashion then.’

Gaboon bowed his head to Mistress Oksana, ‘Long live the Viper.’

‘Long live the Viper, Albus.’

To be continued . . .

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