Night Train (Oxide Serpents Part 3)


A single brilliant light illuminated the ash particles blowing in the night air.

The light became progressively larger and brighter with each passing second.

A trio of figures crouched down about fifteen meters from the railroad tracks almost five kilometers from Hive Rorhuin’s exterior wall.

Out of the billowing ash the yellow and red engine car came, loud and thunderous.  Attached behind it were five more train cars.

The three individuals leapt up onto the white livestock car as the train raced past their position.  It was the third car behind the engine.  Albus Gaboon, Creighton Saber and Duncan Thorne each gripped the handrails as they made their way up the stairs of the train car.  Grox snorted and stomped in the car.  Gaboon was thankful their rebreathers prevented he and his companions from taking in the full stench of the beasts.

The train raced on into the night, ash and various debris in its wake.

Thorne looked around the side of the livestock car. Hive Rorhuin grew in the distance.

The closer the train got to the Hive City the slower it traveled.  When it was about a stone throw’s distance from the Hive’s outer wall it had slowed to just faster than a human’s running speed.  When it was approximately one-hundred meters from the Hive, a massive hatch door rolled open counterclockwise.  The train entered the open access way into Hive Roruhin. Once the last car was through the opening, the door rolled closed again.

The train slowed to a crawl and then stopped on the tracks in next to an offload station.

As the railroad workers began their unloading tasks, the trio jumped off the train car and disappeared into the shadows.

To be continued . . .

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