Necromunda Musings


This post is more personal musings than an actual informational post, so please excuse my meandering.

According to Google, the normal table size for games of Necromunda should be between 3 X 3 or 4 X 4 feet.  I think the card table we have is 3 X 3 feet.  I’ll have to check to see if Goodwill or a garage sale might have a slightly larger one, but the card table should work fine.

The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of Necromunda over Kill Team.  In theory, Kill Team is intended to be played on a 2 X 2 feet table, but the ones I’ve seen on the internet seem to be well above and beyond that size.  Necromunda, on the other hand, is more of an up and down game.  It requires terrain that is two, sometimes three or even more levels high.  In my opinion that offers more game-play on a smaller sized table, which is what we have at home.

Another reason I’m leaning further into the Necromunda camp is I have grown tired of superhuman Astartes, masses of Imperial Guard and the like.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I still plan on playing some version of regular 40K in the future with my Chaos Space Marines from the Red Corsairs, but for now, I want something a little different that doesn’t require large armies of miniatures.  Something between ten and a dozen miniatures will do for me right now.

For games taking place in “The Sump”, I can look into getting some fabric that has a water effect look to it large enough to cover the tabletop.  Also, maybe go to Dollar Tree and get some toy boats to convert into sections of the Sump lake’s makeshift and modified landmasses.  I’ll use the wooden bases I have accumulated over the years to mount them to.  Maybe I’ll make a comparatively large enough boat to use as well.  Something big enough to accommodate the gang(s), but not too big.  Maybe something about 10 to 18-inches long.  It’ll need at least one pintle-mounted heavy or special weapon somewhere; probably on the bow.  In lieu of or perhaps in addition to a boat, maybe make some bridges to connect the small landmasses.  If it’s going to take place in one of Necromunda’s many hive cities, there will “need” to be water-skimming spiders?  For those who do not know me that well, I’m no fan of spiders by and large.  I don’t think I have arachnophobia.  I just don’t care for them.  There are plenty of other critters I prefer over the eight-legged freaks.  Maybe I could substitute water snakes?

Anyway, I believe I’ve taken up plenty of your attention with this.  Until next time, stay safe.

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