Slap Leather!


I was going to order some holstered pistols from a dealer on Ebay today and spend the last bit of my birthday money.  Then I remembered I have quite a few unholstered pistols and some Milliput modeling putty.  I can sculpt my own holsters and save said birthday money for something else.  Sorry, Ebay dealer.  $30 is more money than I’m willing to pay for a small handful of miniatures pistols.




Go Home!


Got sent home early from work by my boss.  Hypertension in all its glory.  The right side of my head felt like Harley Quinn had stuck it with multiple blows from her infamous hammer.

I guess I’ll take it easy and rest up so I’ll actually feel up to enjoying my vacation next week.

Dirt Walkers


The regular readers of my blog may remember my entry a few months ago about the “Gutter Crows”, which are my Necromunda gang/Heralds of Ruin warband comprising Chaos Cultists/Renegade Guard.  Well, after a bit of inspiration in various forms, I’ve decided to try to create a second Chaos/Renegade group.  They’ll be called the “Dirt Walkers”.

Yes, I have enough miniatures to create two, or maybe even three gangs/warbands of this type.  Over the years I’ve collected miniatures that have caught my creative attention.  I blame my father for this in a way.  Years ago whenever he would go to the store, and if he had money to do so, he would buy a box of nails, a blister pack of nuts and bolts or a container of screws; whatever he felt inspired to purchase at the time.  Later, whenever we needed a handful of nails, screws or whatever, we didn’t need to stop what we were doing to drive to the store to purchase the essential items we needed.  Well, I’m like that to a degree with wargame miniatures.  Whenever I see one that strikes my fancy and I can afford it, I buy it.  With having done that, I pretty much have whatever miniature I might need to create a handful of warbands.  I might have to modify one or two to have what I really want, but at least I don’t have to drive the 20 minutes to the hobby shop or pull out the computer or phone to order online what I feel I need.

Anyway, back to the Dirt Walkers.  Their symbol will be the coyote or jackal.  For those who may not know, the coyote is the North American equivalent to the jackal found in other areas of the world.  I believe they’re in the same family if I’m not mistaken.  I’m leaning more toward the coyote than the jackal though.  Traditionally, the jackal is associated with ancient Egypt by way of Anubis, the Egyptian god of death.  The Egyptian gods are in turn usually associated with the Astartes Legion known as the Thousand Sons, who are normally linked to Tzeentch, the Chaos deity of sorcery.  While the Coyote may be related to the jackal, and because of that, they could be linked to Tzeentch in a weird Warhammer 40k-type of way, I do not want the Dirt Walkers to be followers of the Changer of Ways; that’s what the Gutter Crows are for.  For those who live in the American Southwest, Texas especially, you probably know how bloodthirsty coyotes can be.  They’re known for killing and eating family pets, trying to carry off children and have even been accused of attacking adults.  This penchant for violence, in my opinion, puts them in the Khorne camp.  So, the Dirt Walkers will pledge allegiance to the Lord of Murder.

Now that their deity affiliation has been decided, I just need to choose which shade of red I want to run with.  Since they’re known as the Dirt Walkers, I may go with what I call “brick red”, which is a dark reddish brown.  When I think of this group’s name along with their chosen patron god, I think of blood mixed into the dirt.  That all sounds fine and dandy, but when it comes to putting paint onto miniature, I may roll with good old crimson red.  This is something I’m going to have to contemplate.

Any More Nerd Conventions in my Future?


Yes, I’ve been to a couple of nerd conventions.  (I identify with the term “nerd” lovingly.  Everyone is a nerd about something, you know.)  I went to Dallas Fan Expo (it’s what Dallas Comic-Con is called these days) with my younger son twice.  The first time in civilian attire, the second time in costume.  Overall we had decent experiences both times.

A buddy from work asked me recently to go with him to Dallas Comic-Con in October (I think they’re calling this one “Fan Days”), but I really didn’t want to go without my younger son, who cannot go this time because he is in Colorado serving a two-year Mission for our church.  After mulling it over and getting my son’s blessing to go without him, I leaned toward going, and in costume.  I looked up the event’s costume weapon policy and I learned that I would not be allowed to sport the pot metal fake revolver prop I wore just two years or so ago.  This year they have a policy of no metal costume weapons and no deactivated (non-firing) airsoft guns, no baseball bats or hockey sticks, fake or otherwise.  As the policy reads, Nerf/plastic dart guns are allowed, but the patron cannot be in possession of any darts.  Costume (plastic/rubber/etc) swords must be tied to the costume in a fashion that prevents them from being drawn/brandished.  Now, I realize the need for safety-minded security, but this seems to be going a little overboard in my opinion.

I’ve thought about this set of rules for a few days now and just about any costume I would care to wear or be able to look acceptable in would require a weapon prop to make said costume complete.  I don’t really care to pay through the nose to attend this event and then get hassled over my costume props.

I took a gander at other Comic-Con related events across the globe and discovered the following:  Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, Tuscon, and London no longer allow gun props;  San Diego has banned ALL costume props altogether.  I figure they’ll all follow San Diego’s lead before it’s all over with.

With that being said, I figure my Comic-Con days are pretty much over, at least as a costume-wearing patron is concerned.