Hit My Music!


I really, REALLY need to get an affordable MP3 player and ask my younger son to download songs I find inspirational for writing purposes onto it.

On that track list (does anyone still use that term?) I would want my all-time favorite rock band KISS, as well as some Johnny Cash and Iron Maiden. Pink, Waylon Jennings and Twisted Sister would make it on there too along with a few others. Finally, I would want some movie soundtrack tunes. Anvil of Crom from Conan the Barbarian, The Kiss from Last of the Mohicans and the Game of Thrones main theme would all have to be on there.

There’s one final soundtrack I’d want as well. The music from Arthur: Legend of the Sword. That music hits the mark! I don’t know how else to describe it other than “dark Celtic”. It’s Irish music with an intense darkness about it.

Yeah, that needs to be one of my next purchases.



Way back when, I took a creative writing class. During my time in said class I learned that writers are either morning chickens or night owls. Meaning they either get their inspiration to write during the morning hours or during the nighttime.

For years I was a night owl, especially when I worked the night shift as a correctional officer at the prison. I was actually proud of that fact. Well, now that I’m a counselor, still at the prison mind you, I work during the daylight. That has ruined my nighttime forays into the fictional universes I have created.

I actually started working Day Watch about six months before my promotion, so I’ve been exposed to the daytime world for almost a year and a half. I suppose you can call me a Day Walker because I still yearn for darkness and it’s creative inspirations.

Back in the late 1990’s I found out about a special trade school in Florida where they taught people how to create video games. Before opening the school to the public, they did an experiment to decide as to what time of the day to schedule classes. At the conclusion of their experiment they figured out that in most cases, the human mind is most creative between the hours of 4 PM and 2 AM. So, they began holding six-hour classes between 4 and 10 PM. I have to admit now that I work during the daylight hours I tend to be more creative during the late-afternoon and early-evening hours.

One of the things I noticed back in the mid-to-late 1990’s working Evening Watch (4PM to Midnight) at the prison was that hawks were most active during the late-afternoon and early-evening hours. (We have a fairly healthy population of various critters at the institution, including pigeons, squirrels, rats, Mexican eagles, owls and hawks.) Anyway, I suppose since I’m no longer a night owl and I’ve never really been a morning chicken, I must be an evening hawk?

Look What I Found!


My wife and I were doing some cleaning and reorganizing of things in the living room, and behind the couch was a box. My wife opened the box and said, “I’m guessing these are yours.” I asked what was in the box, and she machine gun tossed a group of books to me. Conan the Avenger, Conan the Buccaneer and Conan the Usurper, all by Robert E Howard. Also in the group was the Dark Horse Comics graphic novel Conan Born on the Battlefield. Rounding out the pile of reading material was The Road by Cormac McCarthy.

This was a treasure trove find for me. For those who do not know, Robert E Howard is my all-time favorite author and The Road is the best novel I have as yet read, and that’s saying something.

After this discovery I’m in a writing mood!

Pending Upgrade


Some of my blog readers have asked as to when I am going to post the stories I have promised. I have a handful ready to go and at least one that needs to be completed. All I’m waiting on is the opportunity to upgrade to a domain name, and that requires money. Hopefully, after my older son comes home from Australia and his religious mission, I’ll be able to afford the upgrade to my blog and be able to purchase the rights to said domain name.

If I post my tales before the domain name is secured, those stories will belong to WordPress, not me. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love WordPress, but I want to have claim over my stuff. So, please be patient. The stories will be posted soon enough.

By the way, I plan on creating a “shared universe” kind of thing with my stories. I have a handful of major players who will reluctantly share the spotlight, kind of in a “Game of Thrones” kind of way, for lack of a better description. I say reluctantly because none of these folks want to give up their time center stage.