The Light


In one of my previous posts I mentioned that retirement may be in my near future plans. Unless something drastic happens to change it, I will be retired from the Federal Bureau of Prisons by the end of November.

I do not as of yet have concrete plans for a second career, but I have various options on the table. Whatever I do for a post-B.O.P. job, hopefully more writing time will be a part of the plan.

To use an old cliché, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now.

300 Club


I had a doctor’s appointment today and when I stepped on the scale I realized I had joined the 300-pound club.  I have been kinda-sorta trying to lose weight, but now I really have to knuckle down and do this right.  My doctor wants me to try a modified Keto diet.  She said I can have the protein but not as much fat as would be consumed by following the true Keto diet.  I can have a small (and I really mean small) portion of carbs as dessert.  This is going to be tough because I like bread and pasta, but I have to do this so I can drop down to around 240 pounds again.  I hope this will help get my blood pressure under control too.

Almost Done?


I may be close to being done with working in a prison.  I’ve been eligible to retire for a few months and I have very recently talked it over with my wife about retirement.  Before, when I would talk to her about it, her response was always “NO”. But now that she has spoken to some of my retired co-workers about how good and stress-free post-B.O.P. life is, she’s not saying yes, but she isn’t saying no anymore.

Warrant? What Warrant?


Earlier today I received a couple of calls from Washington State and messages were left on my voicemail stating that there was a warrant for my arrest from that jurisdiction.  I had to laugh.  I have never been to Washington State.  I am a Federal law enforcement officer, so if there really was an arrest warrant out there with my name on it, the powers that be at my job would know about it and take the appropriate action.  I would love to take a photo of my badge and send it to the caller via text message, but I’m sure the call was generated by a computer, so that would not be helpful for me.  Oh, well, I guess they’ll have to try that call on someone else.

Rise Up!


Yesterday evening I put up a post about possibly giving up on my story.  Please disregard that post.  Between my sore muscles from having participated in CPR and Self Defense training at work and the crazy Texas barometric pressure messing with me, I think I just wasn’t feeling like myself.  Now that it has rained and the temperature has dropped almost 40 degrees, things are going back to normal.


Give Up?


I like to write, but sometimes on days like today, I wonder if I wouldn’t be better off just saying screw it and just give up on it.  I have all these ideas bouncing around in my head and I know what I want to write, but I just want to listen to my playlist and just veg out.

I remember my dad had days like this.  He would just want to be left alone with his recliner and newspaper.  I totally understand how he felt.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the barometric pressure has a lot to do with this feeling.  It’s supposed to rain late tonight.

I’m hoping that I’ll feel more like writing this weekend.

Make Time

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There are a million and one things that just have to get done day in and day out.  Then there are the things we want to do.  For those particular things, we just have to make time.

A doctor I was seeing about ten or so years ago noticed I was acting a bit off kilter and a tad more squirely than normal.  He asked if I had been writing recently.  I told him that no, I had not written anything creatively for about two months.  He pulled out his prescription pad and wrote out a couple of prescriptions for medications I was wanted to have refilled, then he wrote: “Minimum three hours of creative writing per week” on a separate piece of paper from his prescription pad.  I noticed that when I follow that particular prescription, I’m not a weird as I might otherwise be without the creative time.

I always try to make time to have fun, and creative writing is usually fun for me.  I have noticed that to glean the best from my writing time, I should listen to music that inspires me such as Johnny Cash or Iron Maiden.  Certain places can inspire quality writing output as well.   The top of Caddo Peak near Cross Plains, Texas and the ruins of an ancient Roman fort in the Irish countryside are places a couple of my favorite authors have found sufficient inspiration for their craft.  Surprisingly, I found London, England quite inspirational for certain aspects of my writing; the Tube especially.  (The Tube is London’s subway.)  I guess it’s the historical city streets mixed with the Tube’s dark and gritty underworld that I liked so much.  Whatever the reason, it was a place I was able to tap into for some quality work.  Since I don’t know if I’ll ever get the chance to revisit England, I need to find someplace Stateside for inspiration.  The Stockyards in Fort Worth, Texas would likely work.  I could soak it all in, come home and pour it out onto paper (my computer) later.  The area that was once known as Hell’s Half-Acre would probably work nicely.

I just need to make time and make the best use of said time.

Channeling My Focus


I’m sitting in the rocking chair on this Sunday evening watching football, listening to Mongolian folk metal on Youtube while trying to work on my story.  I have a thousand, thousand ideas running through my head right now.  It’s so hard to focus my creativity at times like this.  I feel that if I could take a ride on the back of a charging destrier and split some simulated skulls (melons and pumpkins) with a sword with the cold wind in my hair it might help me reign in my thoughts.  Focus, focus, focus.

I still want my story to be a sci-fi crime drama infused with plenty of action adventure told from the peace officers’ points of view, but right now this very minute I really want to write from the outlaws’ viewpoints.  I think I need to work on their scenes right now while I’m feeling that way.  I’ve always enjoyed writing from a villain’s perspective.  Now I think I’ll do just that.

Speaking of the cold wind, I think tonight is going to be a soup and crackers kind of evening.

The Ups and the Downs of the Week


Well, the first full week of January of 2019 has been full of ups and downs for me.

My Texas Longhorns won the Sugar Bowl by defeating the Georgia Bulldogs.  I’m still working without a paycheck due to the government shutdown.  I started reading a book my sister gave me written by one of my all-time favorite authors, Aaron Dembski-Bowden and the book is called “Ragnar Blackmane”.  I sprained my ankle at work and am a gimp right now.  Missed a couple of days of work and have been furloughed due to the aforementioned injury.  Got to see my buddy Jason Mamoa in the new Aquaman movie; yes, he’s my buddy because I met him, visited with him and spent some quality buddy time with him about eight years ago in Cross Plains, Texas.

I suppose that’s the sum of my week.  That is all, carry on.