Boundaries Revisited

I realize I have not written for my blog in quite a while, so I decided to fix that.

I have been circling the airfield, so to speak, regarding working on a new writing project. I wanted to write my sci-fi tale about the Davnogar brothers and their bounty hunter outfit for a while, but I did not know what direction I wanted the story to go. In a prior post, I discussed my need for boundaries in my writing. I have to have a clearly defined border to work inside. That is where plots come into play I guess. This need for borders and boundaries goes against the grain of my pantser side. Somehow I have to figure out how to set up a good plot and still be creative by the seat of my pants for the pantser in me.

Since I essentially want the tale to be a “space western,” I have looked at various forms of media for inspiration. I considered the television series “Firefly” and its subsequent movie, “Serenity.” I also checked into Osprey Publishing’s table-top wargame Stargrave. With that being said, I think I finally have some worthwhile inspiration for my potential book series.

Some Time Off

I took some much needed time off from work this week. Went to Mississippi to visit my eldest and middle sisters. I had a lot of fun and was able to perform some acts of service for my family. Discovered a new-to-me author, Darcy Coates. Love her work. Went out into the Gulf of Mexico and ate at a seafood restaurant out on the water.

Now that I am back home in Texas, I plan on getting some content written for my book since I have a whole second week off.

Forward With Chapter One

After reading about the pros and cons of having a prologue, I have decided to not include one in the novel I am writing. Apparently, most readers do not bother with them. Why put forth the work into something that possibly no one at all is even going to read? I think this story will be better served by placing what would have been the prologue into a Chapter One that happens years before the events of Chapter Two.

I apologize in advance to prologue fans worldwide for my decision.

Quit Striving for Perfection

The title of this blog post is a bit misleading. I’m not referring to personal perfection. I’m talking about attempting to write the perfect story.

I have struggled for a few months with creating the opening scene of my first attempted novel. The reason for the struggle is due to the fact I have been striving to write the perfect first paragraph to the perfect story. Because of that quest, I have not written much of anything. That fact is embarrassing to think about and even more so to read in print. I did not even realize why I was so creatively stagnant until a good friend rattled my cage regarding the issue. He basically told me to quit trying to write the perfect story. Just write the story and the characters will eventually take over and it will effectively write itself.

It’s good to have good friends who are not afraid to be honest.