The Iron Viper

The hatch to the trophy chamber irised open and an armoured Aeldari warrior entered through the opening. A grav-cargo dolly entered through the open hatchway behind him. Sitting atop the dolly was the bloody head of an enormous Ork Warboss. The green Xenos head was covered in deep scars, attesting to the fact that the Warboss had been a true combat veteran commander.

As the hatch closed the Aeldari looked at the human slave standing near the far end of the trophy display case and gestured to the Ork head, “See to it that this gets de-fleshed and the skull is added to the other trophies.”

The human nodded that he understood his duties and guided the dolly into the attached antechamber to begin processing it.

Admiral Yaevin Worldsong walked into his personal cabin and stripped out of his blood-encrusted weapons and mesh armour and placed it onto the table in front of him for subsequent cleaning. There were servants and slaves for that, but Yaevin Worldsong preferred to do it himself.  He always cleaned the tools of his trade personally because he felt it kept him grounded. He needed that. Especially after coming down off the high of his combat drugs. 

There was a time when the thought of using performance enhancers would not have crossed his mind. That had been centuries earlier, even before he had become a Corsair. Before he had been exposed to the vices that originated from Commoragh.

Because of the Dark City, and the individuals who originated from it, Yaevin Worldsong had changed much since his younger days.