Yet Another Year


Alright, it’s New Year’s Eve and it’s 22 degrees outside.  There’s a layer of ice covering the mailbox.  The boys are playing on their electronic devices and my wife is watching “Fuller House”.  (I was NEVER a Full House fan and I’m not fond of this new incarnation either.  Would rather be watching a Western or the History Channel.)

Just for kicks, I watched the London fireworks display on CBS’s website.  It was just as awesome as it was last year when I was actually there.

While eating my New Year’s Eve meal, I mentally mulled over what I would like to accomplish over 2018.  I have a stack of books I would like to read, including, but not limited to the group pictured above.  I hope to get more content written for “Hell’s Half-Dozen”.  I also plan on working more overtime so I can be better prepared for Federal retirement.  It would be fun to start a wargame gaming group from the ground up.

Here’s to a new, productive year.

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