Boundaries Revisited

I realize I have not written for my blog in quite a while, so I decided to fix that.

I have been circling the airfield, so to speak, regarding working on a new writing project. I wanted to write my sci-fi tale about the Davnogar brothers and their bounty hunter outfit for a while, but I did not know what direction I wanted the story to go. In a prior post, I discussed my need for boundaries in my writing. I have to have a clearly defined border to work inside. That is where plots come into play I guess. This need for borders and boundaries goes against the grain of my pantser side. Somehow I have to figure out how to set up a good plot and still be creative by the seat of my pants for the pantser in me.

Since I essentially want the tale to be a “space western,” I have looked at various forms of media for inspiration. I considered the television series “Firefly” and its subsequent movie, “Serenity.” I also checked into Osprey Publishing’s table-top wargame Stargrave. With that being said, I think I finally have some worthwhile inspiration for my potential book series.

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