Getting Back On


I’ve been sick for about a week with a severe upper respiratory infection that caused me to miss the better part of three days of work.  I just haven’t felt like doing much of anything except sleeping and eating soup, crackers, and bananas.  I have been so sick I didn’t even want to contemplate working on my story.  I’ve tried to force myself to write while I was sick before and the results were certainly less than stellar, so I wasn’t going to do that to myself this go around.

Today is the first I’ve felt even halfway human.  My voice is actually trying to come back to me too.  I still might be a tad contagious, so I’m going to stay home from church.  I think I may get back onto the saddle and at least tinker a bit with my story.  I have what I feel are some good ideas I need to put onto the page.

Running Through Mud


A week just isn’t long enough.  I said that about being in London the week of New Year’s Day 2017 and I say that now about working on my first book in my series.  I didn’t get to write every day during my time off; mainly because I had numerous chores to do and errands to run.  I have been able to write quite a bit starting last Friday through today and I plan on doing some tomorrow as well.  Despite what I have put down onto paper so to speak, I still feel like I’ve been running through mud in regards to what I wanted to write about.  There is so much one has to do when creating a world from the ground up.  Creating just about everything can be a daunting task.  I guess I just need to quit venting and get to work.

Time Change


This particular time change is going to take some getting used to.  Earlier this evening it felt like it was 10:00 PM, but it was actually approximately 7:10 PM.  It’s only 8:30 PM right now, but I feel like it’s time for me to go to bed.

I don’t remember the Fall time change being this difficult for me in years past.  Maybe it’s because I’m older now?  I don’t know.

Oh, well, going to try to get some more writing done before it’s actually time for bed.

Low Energy


I took care of my daily errands today, got my car back from the repair shop and I settled in to do some writing on my story this evening, but now I feel all lethargic and my stomach is all up and down.  I guess I’ll take some medicine and watch a few episodes of Law & Order SVU until my creative inspiration comes back.



I worked hard around the house today.  I mowed the grass and helped my wife clean and reorganize the garage.  It was hard work, but it needed to be done.  I took a load yesterday and one today to Goodwill.  Now I’m going to settle down in the rocking chair with my laptop computer and work on my book.

I’m going to work on some of the gangs.  They’re not going to be your run-of-the-mill thugs.  Each one is going to be centered around its respective theme.  One, in particular, is going to be a collection of face-paint-wearing psychos who thrive on sowing anarchy and fear throughout the neighborhoods they claim ownership of.  All in all, it should be fun.

This Halloween


Years ago I used to really enjoy Halloween.  I guess I still do, just in a different way now.  I suppose the main reason I don’t enjoy All Hallow’s Eve like I used to is because of all the trick-or-treaters who have few if any manners.  I would take the time to go to the store and spend my money on candy and I would give said candy out to the kids and only a handful of them would actually say, “Thank you”.  Call me old-fashioned, but if someone gives you something, you’re supposed to express your gratitude for it.

These days I would rather lock the front door, keep the porch light off and enjoy watching some scary movies and eat the candy myself.  I guess I’m just a grumpy old man these days.

I do plan on delivering candy to some of the young neighborhood kids we’ve known for a while, but the run-of-the-mill trick-or-treaters are out of luck this year.