A Monster by Any Other Name


You may remember from previous posts that some of my work buddies and I have been tinkering around with beginning a wargamers’ group to play various tabletop wargames, namely Warhammer 40,000 (WH40K).  Since “regular” WH40K is pretty expensive and often time-consuming due to the numerous quantity of models involved, we were going to play Heralds of Ruin (HoR) Skirmish Battles.  It used to be called HoR Kill Team, but since Games Workshop (GW) now has their own official game by that name, HoR cannot use it anymore per GW’s request.  HoR uses small numbers of models, usually ten or less, to play fun, comparatively quick games set in the WH40K universe.

Here’s where the monsters come in:  I was playing around with some ideas yesterday about how to introduce monsters, creatures, beasts . . . whatever you want to refer to them as into our games.  You see, back in the day, I used to hunt fairly often.  That was back when it wasn’t so prohibitively expensive to do so like it is now.  I would almost always stumble across some sort of animal that wasn’t on my list of critters to hunt.  When that would happen, I would stop for a little while and watch them, study them.  It seemed to make the hunt that much more intriguing.  Anyway, what I’m getting at is that while out HoR skirmish teams are out and about on their missions maybe they might stumble upon some sort of dangerous fauna.  So, I began playing on my phone and came up with some rudimentary rules and stats for said wildlife.

I started out by coming up with custom rules for about four different “species”, but that proved to be tedious at best.  So, I opted to take existing rules for already established entries such as Tyranids and Ogrins and tweak them a bit to fit the critters I had in mind.

I have a box of Tamiya Velociraptors (although they look more like Utahraptors).  The Death Raptors as I would like to call them could use the Tyranid Hormagaunt stats.

A Minotaur miniature and the numerous mounted knights I own could use the rules from the Astra Militarum list for Ogryn and Rough Riders, respectively.  The knights would be called Warp Knights, a species of Warp-spawned beasts that were first encountered aboard a Space Hulk.  The Minotaur could be, drum roll please, a Minotaur!

I also have a box of Warp Hounds from GW’s old Warhammer Fantasy Battles line that I would call Dire Hounds.  They would use the stats from Fenrisian Wolves from the Space Wolves’ Codex.

I think all in all these ideas will likely be well received.  Now I just need to make time to assemble and paint said miniatures.


The Dark Place


I want to talk to you about the dark place.  I’m talking about suicidal thoughts.  I’ve been there.  Yes, thoughts of suicide have crossed my mind now and again.  The thought of following through with it has crept into my thoughts often over the years.  There was a time that I had to come up with reasons not to take my own life.  It was a struggle to get through every single day during that dark time of my existence.  There was one time though, about a dozen years ago, when the thoughts turned into a plan and that plan almost became an attempt.  Heavenly Father had His own ideas about those plans though.  I firmly believe He set things into motion to derail what I was going to do.  Through a course of events, my wife found out about what I was going to do.  One thing led to another and through marriage counseling and regular visits with a psychiatrist, those individuals helped pull me out of that dark place.

If you’re dealing with thoughts of suicide, get help.  Don’t worry about what other people might think if they find out.  Your life is precious despite what you think.  There are more people that love you than you’re probably aware of.  If you follow through with suicide, just about everyone who loves you will blame themselves.  Then that cycle could possibly repeat itself with someone else.  If you don’t want to live for yourself, then live for them.  Find fun things to do.  Work is not life.  Life is life.  Find people who love what you love and spend time with them.  Pursue positive passions.

If you have someone in your life who is struggling with thoughts of suicide, don’t chastise them or berate them.  That will only make the situation worse.  Trust me, I know.  Show them love and support.  That’s the only way to get them out of that dark place.  Don’t belittle what they like to do for fun.  Maybe help them find people who enjoy what they like to do and assist them in finding places to meet to do those things.

Last year I watched a video on the internet.  In the video, the young woman hanged herself.  It was heartbreaking.  I wanted her to stop and not follow through with what she was about to do, but I knew she had made up her mind.  I could see it in her actions.  I knew by the sound of her voice that she had reached the end of her patience with her life.  Her step-father abused her and her mother ignored her.  She saw no way out of her situation and she was going to end the pain.  I recognized her hurt.  I saw it in her eyes.  I’ve hurt like that.  Not through abuse like she had dealt with, but from other issues.  But the hurting was the same.  I never want to hurt like that again.

Do suicidal thoughts still cross my mind today?  To be honest, yes, but they leave as quickly as they appear.  Don’t be a statistic.  Be a positive force in someone’s life.

Slap Leather!


I was going to order some holstered pistols from a dealer on Ebay today and spend the last bit of my birthday money.  Then I remembered I have quite a few unholstered pistols and some Milliput modeling putty.  I can sculpt my own holsters and save said birthday money for something else.  Sorry, Ebay dealer.  $30 is more money than I’m willing to pay for a small handful of miniatures pistols.




Go Home!


Got sent home early from work by my boss.  Hypertension in all its glory.  The right side of my head felt like Harley Quinn had stuck it with multiple blows from her infamous hammer.

I guess I’ll take it easy and rest up so I’ll actually feel up to enjoying my vacation next week.